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Hyde Asymmetric Cruising Spinnakers For Running and Reaching

Hyde Cruising Spinnakers provide an exhilarating power boost for downwind and broad reaching in light to moderate wind. The Hyde cruising spinnaker is an all-purpose design, the ideal sail for the cruiser who has only one downwind sail aboard.

Designed for stability under manual or autopilot steering across a broad range of apparent wind angles.

Perfect for short-handed cruisers: no spinnaker pole required, easy to launch, and easy to douse.
Fast and Fun!

A Perfect Fit With 61 Sizes To Choose From

A perfect fit means maximum stability for easy trimming and maximum performance.

We offer 61 Standard Sizes in 8-inch increments (200 mm) for a perfect fit.

Select Your Standard Size Asymm Spinnaker Below >>

Size Luff Leech Foot Half Width Area Price
8.0 26.2ft (8.00m) 24.4ft (7.44m) 14.0ft (4.28m) 13.3ft (4.06m) 284.49sf (26.43sm) $809.00 More Info >>
8.2 26.9ft (8.20m) 25.0ft (7.62m) 14.4ft (4.38m) 13.6ft (4.16m) 298.91sf (27.77sm) $829.00 More Info >>
8.4 27.6ft (8.40m) 25.6ft (7.81m) 14.7ft (4.49m) 14.0ft (4.26m) 313.66sf (29.14sm) $849.00 More Info >>
8.6 28.2ft (8.60m) 26.2ft (7.99m) 15.1ft (4.60m) 14.3ft (4.37m) 328.73sf (30.54sm) $870.00 More Info >>
8.8 28.9ft (8.80m) 26.8ft (8.18m) 15.4ft (4.70m) 14.7ft (4.47m) 344.23sf (31.98sm) $890.00 More Info >>
9.0 29.5ft (9.00m) 27.5ft (8.37m) 15.8ft (4.81m) 15.0ft (4.57m) 360.05sf (33.45sm) $912.00 More Info >>
9.2 30.2ft (9.20m) 28.1ft (8.55m) 16.1ft (4.92m) 15.3ft (4.67m) 376.20sf (34.95sm) $934.00 More Info >>
9.4 30.8ft (9.40m) 28.7ft (8.74m) 16.5ft (5.02m) 15.6ft (4.77m) 392.77sf (36.49sm) $954.00 More Info >>
9.6 31.5ft (9.60m) 29.3ft (8.92m) 16.8ft (5.13m) 16.0ft (4.87m) 409.67sf (38.06sm) $977.00 More Info >>
9.8 32.2ft (9.80m) 29.9ft (9.11m) 17.2ft (5.24m) 16.3ft (4.98m) 426.90sf (39.66sm) $1002.00 More Info >>
10.0 32.8ft (10.00m) 30.5ft (9.30m) 17.6ft (5.35m) 16.7ft (5.08m) 444.55sf (41.30sm) $1023.00 More Info >>
10.2 33.5ft (10.20m) 31.1ft (9.48m) 17.9ft (5.45m) 17.0ft (5.18m) 462.52sf (42.97sm) $1045.00 More Info >>
10.4 34.1ft (10.40m) 31.7ft (9.67m) 18.2ft (5.56m) 17.3ft (5.28m) 480.82sf (44.67sm) $1069.00 More Info >>
10.6 34.8ft (10.60m) 32.3ft (9.85m) 18.6ft (5.67m) 17.7ft (5.38m) 499.44sf (46.40sm) $1086.00 More Info >>
10.8 35.4ft (10.80m) 32.9ft (10.04m) 18.9ft (5.77m) 18.0ft (5.48m) 518.50sf (48.17sm) $1115.00 More Info >>
11.0 36.1ft (11.00m) 33.6ft (10.23m) 19.3ft (5.88m) 18.3ft (5.59m) 537.87sf (49.97sm) $1141.00 More Info >>
11.2 36.7ft (11.20m) 34.2ft (10.41m) 19.7ft (5.99m) 18.7ft (5.69m) 557.57sf (51.80sm) $1166.00 More Info >>
11.4 37.4ft (11.40m) 34.8ft (10.60m) 20.0ft (6.09m) 19.0ft (5.79m) 577.70sf (53.67sm) $1190.00 More Info >>
11.6 38.1ft (11.60m) 35.4ft (10.78m) 20.3ft (6.20m) 19.3ft (5.89m) 598.15sf (55.57sm) $1215.00 More Info >>
11.8 38.7ft (11.80m) 36.0ft (10.97m) 20.7ft (6.31m) 19.7ft (5.99m) 618.92sf (57.50sm) $1239.00 More Info >>
12.0 39.4ft (12.00m) 36.6ft (11.16m) 21.1ft (6.42m) 20.0ft (6.09m) 640.13sf (59.47sm) $1267.00 More Info >>
12.2 40.0ft (12.20m) 37.2ft (11.34m) 21.4ft (6.52m) 20.3ft (6.20m) 661.66sf (61.47sm) $1292.00 More Info >>
12.4 40.7ft (12.40m) 37.8ft (11.53m) 21.8ft (6.63m) 20.7ft (6.30m) 683.51sf (63.50sm) $1318.00 More Info >>
12.6 41.3ft (12.60m) 38.4ft (11.71m) 22.1ft (6.74m) 21.0ft (6.40m) 705.79sf (65.57sm) $1344.00 More Info >>
12.8 42.0ft (12.80m) 39.0ft (11.90m) 22.4ft (6.84m) 21.3ft (6.50m) 728.29sf (67.66sm) $1370.00 More Info >>
13.0 42.7ft (13.00m) 39.7ft (12.09m) 22.8ft (6.95m) 21.7ft (6.60m) 751.32sf (69.80sm) $1397.00 More Info >>
13.2 43.3ft (13.20m) 40.3ft (12.27m) 23.2ft (7.06m) 22.0ft (6.70m) 774.57sf (71.96sm) $1423.00 More Info >>
13.4 44.0ft (13.40m) 40.9ft (12.46m) 23.5ft (7.16m) 22.3ft (6.81m) 798.25sf (74.16sm) $1450.00 More Info >>
13.6 44.6ft (13.60m) 41.5ft (12.64m) 23.9ft (7.27m) 22.7ft (6.91m) 822.25sf (76.39sm) $1477.00 More Info >>
13.8 45.3ft (13.80m) 42.1ft (12.83m) 24.2ft (7.38m) 23.0ft (7.01m) 846.58sf (78.65sm) $1505.00 More Info >>
14.0 45.9ft (14.00m) 42.7ft (13.02m) 24.6ft (7.49m) 23.3ft (7.11m) 871.34sf (80.95sm) $1533.00 More Info >>
14.2 46.6ft (14.20m) 43.3ft (13.20m) 24.9ft (7.59m) 23.7ft (7.21m) 896.42sf (83.28sm) $1646.00 More Info >>
14.4 47.2ft (14.40m) 43.9ft (13.39m) 25.3ft (7.70m) 24.0ft (7.31m) 921.82sf (85.64sm) $1674.00 More Info >>
14.6 47.9ft (14.60m) 44.5ft (13.57m) 25.6ft (7.81m) 24.3ft (7.42m) 947.55sf (88.03sm) $1700.00 More Info >>
14.8 48.6ft (14.80m) 45.1ft (13.76m) 26.0ft (7.91m) 24.7ft (7.52m) 973.70sf (90.46sm) $1728.00 More Info >>
15.0 49.2ft (15.00m) 45.8ft (13.95m) 26.3ft (8.02m) 25.0ft (7.62m) 1000.29sf (92.93sm) $1757.00 More Info >>
15.2 49.9ft (15.20m) 46.4ft (14.13m) 26.7ft (8.13m) 25.3ft (7.72m) 1027.09sf (95.42sm) $1784.00 More Info >>
15.4 50.5ft (15.40m) 47.0ft (14.32m) 27.0ft (8.23m) 25.7ft (7.82m) 1054.32sf (97.95sm) $1804.00 More Info >>
15.6 51.2ft (15.60m) 47.6ft (14.50m) 27.4ft (8.34m) 26.0ft (7.92m) 1081.88sf (100.51sm) $1839.00 More Info >>
15.8 51.8ft (15.80m) 48.2ft (14.69m) 27.7ft (8.45m) 26.3ft (8.03m) 1109.76sf (103.10sm) $1864.00 More Info >>
16.0 52.5ft (16.00m) 48.8ft (14.88m) 28.1ft (8.56m) 26.7ft (8.13m) 1138.07sf (105.73sm) $1957.00 More Info >>
16.2 53.1ft (16.20m) 49.4ft (15.06m) 28.4ft (8.66m) 27.0ft (8.23m) 1166.70sf (108.39sm) $1983.00 More Info >>
16.4 53.8ft (16.40m) 50.0ft (15.25m) 28.8ft (8.77m) 27.3ft (8.33m) 1195.65sf (111.08sm) $2010.00 More Info >>
16.6 54.5ft (16.60m) 50.6ft (15.43m) 29.1ft (8.88m) 27.7ft (8.43m) 1225.04sf (113.81sm) $2038.00 More Info >>
16.8 55.1ft (16.80m) 51.2ft (15.62m) 29.5ft (8.98m) 28.0ft (8.53m) 1254.75sf (116.57sm) $2065.00 More Info >>
17.0 55.8ft (17.00m) 51.9ft (15.81m) 29.8ft (9.09m) 28.3ft (8.64m) 1284.78sf (119.36sm) $2093.00 More Info >>
17.2 56.4ft (17.20m) 52.5ft (15.99m) 30.2ft (9.20m) 28.7ft (8.74m) 1315.13sf (122.18sm) $2119.00 More Info >>
17.4 57.1ft (17.40m) 53.1ft (16.18m) 30.5ft (9.30m) 29.0ft (8.84m) 1345.92sf (125.04sm) $2146.00 More Info >>
17.6 57.7ft (17.60m) 53.7ft (16.36m) 30.9ft (9.41m) 29.3ft (8.94m) 1377.03sf (127.93sm) $2173.00 More Info >>
17.8 58.4ft (17.80m) 54.3ft (16.55m) 31.2ft (9.52m) 29.7ft (9.04m) 1408.56sf (130.86sm) $2199.00 More Info >>
18.0 59.1ft (18.00m) 54.9ft (16.74m) 31.6ft (9.63m) 30.0ft (9.14m) 1440.32sf (133.81sm) $2225.00 ore Info >>
18.2 59.7ft (18.20m) 55.5ft (16.92m) 31.9ft (9.73m) 30.3ft (9.25m) 1472.50sf (136.80sm) $2252.00 More Info >>
18.4 60.4ft (18.40m) 56.1ft (17.11m) 32.3ft (9.84m) 30.7ft (9.35m) 1505.12sf (139.83sm) $2279.00 More Info >>
18.6 61.0ft (18.60m) 56.7ft (17.29m) 32.6ft (9.95m) 31.0ft (9.45m) 1537.95sf (142.88sm) $2304.00 More Info >>
18.8 61.7ft (18.80m) 57.3ft (17.48m) 33.0ft (10.05m) 31.3ft (9.55m) 1571.21sf (145.97sm) $2329.00 More Info >>
19.0 62.3ft (19.00m) 58.0ft (17.67m) 33.3ft (10.16m) 31.7ft (9.65m) 1604.90sf (149.10sm) $2355.00 More Info >>
19.2 63.0ft (19.20m) 58.6ft (17.85m) 33.7ft (10.27m) 32.0ft (9.75m) 1638.80sf (152.25sm) $2380.00 More Info >>
19.4 63.6ft (19.40m) 59.2ft (18.04m) 34.0ft (10.37m) 32.3ft (9.86m) 1673.14sf (155.44sm) $2405.00 More Info >>
19.6 64.3ft (19.60m) 59.8ft (18.22m) 34.4ft (10.48m) 32.7ft (9.96m) 1707.80sf (158.66sm) $2434.00 More Info >>
19.8 65.0ft (19.80m) 60.4ft (18.41m) 34.7ft (10.59m) 33.0ft (10.06m) 1742.89sf (161.92sm) $2453.00 More Info >>


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