How to Order Sails

Frequently Asked Questions:

Do you need my measurements in order to give a quote?

No. We have a data base with basic rig dimensions for more than 7000 boats that we use for quotes. but before we can actually design your sail, you will need to fill out our measurement form.

Can't you build a sail from the basic rig measurements?

No. While the rig data in our database is good enough for quoting purposes, it's not detailed enough to ensure your sail will fit correctly.

Do I really have to measure my rig?

Yes. It's the only way we can be sure your sail will fit correctly.

Should I provide my measurements before I purchase?

No, we don't need measurements before you place your order. After you have made your purchase, we will open a file for your order and will send you a measurement form. We will provide technical assistance as you gather your measurements. Please understand that we do it this way so we can provide all our customers with the best customer service possible.

Quick and Easy 5 Step Order Processing

Step 1


Place your order online.

The web store will not charge your credit card at this time. (however, if you select "free Financing" from PayPal, you will be charged the full amount at checkout.)

Step 2



Our staff consults with you by phone, and then charges you a 50% deposit.

A. We have a short consultation with you on the phone. We find out where and how you sail.

B. We make recommendations based on your needs and preferences, and modify your order as needed.

C. We charge you a 50% deposit (or $700, whichever is greater) at this time via Credit Card or PayPal invoice.

Step 3


Measure your boat for a perfect fit.

You are now ready to take your boat's measurement so we can custom fit the sails to your boat. If you have any questons, please give us a call.

A. We send you our sail measurement kit and forms with instructions.

B Fill out the sails measurement forms and take the pictures requested.

C. Scan or take a picture of your completed measurement form using your digital camera of phone.

D. Email your completed form to

E. Upload your pictures to the Dropbox address we gave you.

F. Return the measurement kit using the prepaid label.

Step 4


We start design work on your sail and charge you a deposit.

A. We review the measurements and pictures to get the details we need.

B. We send the design requirements digitally to Hyde's renowned Design Team.
Your sail is designed by the same people who have had sails in every Olympic Games since 1968.

C. We schedule your order for production at our own Hyde Loft in Cebu, Philippines.
We control the quality from start to finish at our wholly owned production loft, employing 250 skilled, permanent crafts-men and -women.

D. We charge your card for 30% deposit at this time and send you a receipt.

E. We send you the scheduled delivery date with your receipt.

Step 5


We ship your order and charge your card for the remaining balance.