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You can contact Judy B at Judy@judybsails.com

JudyB Sails Testimonials

Bayfield 32C - Coastal Genoa number 2 - Nov 2, 2017
5 stars
Sorry for neglecting to get back to you. It's been a wonderful Summer with the new Genoa.Quality is superb. Your suggestion with going with a 120 versus a 135 was right on. 135 would have been way too much sail. I am using the Genoa with a jib on the inner Fore stay.. I can now point at 30 to 35.The combination of the two sails is working out great. thanks again
Daniel Scott, Lake Muskegon on Lake Michigan, USA
Expectations Exceeded!!! - Island Packet 38 Genoa - October 16, 2017
5 stars
The whole purchase experience totally exceeded my expectations. My emails and phone calls were answered quickly and the email notifications, as to what stage the sail was in, were very much appreciated. The timeline was exactly what I was told before I purchased ( a rarity in the boating industry). Oh, and the sail itself is beautiful! It fit perfectly (even though I was the one that did the measuring...lol). The quality of the materials and the workmanship were very good, making the sail a real good value as compared to other more expensive lofts. I will be needing 3 more sails in the future for my boat, and I will be calling Judy B for sure.
Jim Van Lenten, North East, MD, USA
Racing Genoa #1 - Capri 26 - October 9, 2017
5 stars
Thank you for the help in selecting this sail, we had to wait a few weeks before we could sail with it, the opportunity finally came, the sail is wonderful, fits perfectly, looks great, but more importantly improves performance.
Chris and Cindi, Missouri, USA
Very Happy - Macgregor 26D, Jib #3 and Mainsail
5 stars
I am very happy with the two sails I have received. Both sails look great. I haven't been able to test there fit on the rig yet and plan to do that next week. But so far so good. I would recommend Judy and her crew without hesitation. Great to work with.
Larlry Carreiro, Poulsbo, WA, USA
New main is great - Montgomery 17, Sept 18, 2017
5 stars
Great performance. The sails seem well made and fit the rig well. I'm happy with the new sails.
Dan Farrell, Minneapolis, MN, USA
Perfect in every way - Precision 15 Mainsail - Sept 18, 2017
5 stars
My new main sail is excellent. Everything fit, everything was done correctly. And it's not an accident. HydeSails spends a lot of time and effort to understand your needs and then has you measure and photograph your rig. They want to make your sail correctly the first time. And they sure did. Bravo.
Ray, Upstate NY, NY, USA
Complex Order - Gilbert 30 Self-tacking Jib, Gennacker - August 14, 2017
5 stars
Ours was quite a complex order, non standard rig on a rare boat. Only 8 built, and we wanted a mast head gennacker on a bow sprit on a 3/4 rig. And a 105% jib on what is normally a self tacking arrangement ( which st best is about 95% J) The gennaker was perfect . The jib ended up tooo big in the J dimension, it couldnt be used without reefing Rather than cutting the original to fit, Hyde built a brand new sail. It arrived in just 4 weeks. This one fits perfectly and the boat is a lot faster in and out of tacks. I know where I'm going for sails in future , Judy and her team are the best.
Michael, Witby, Kettle Falls, WA, USA
Mainsail for Santana 21 - August 1, 2017
5 stars
This sail is a great fit and looks excellent. The build was on time and the process was smooth from start to finish..
James Coilcri, Glendale, AZ, USA
Potter 15 150% Light Air Hank-on Genoa - July, 2017
5 stars
Great product, outstanding service!
Bernard Suers, Camas, WA USA
Spinnaker Turtle, July 13, 2017
5 stars
The season is about to start so haven't yet used this on deck but it looks rather well made and likely perfect fit for purpose- easy launch of the spinnaker and snuffer. So I'm feeling optimistic... More later when I have real experience
Justin, Boston, MA, USA
CDI Furling System - June 29, 2017
5 stars
Received my FF2 less than a week after order placed. Everything there...all parts perfect. I might add that Hyde Sails had the lowest price that I found.
Anonymous, Lewis Center, OH
Jolly Roger - June 26, 2017
5 stars
Sail is nice skull&cross bone on both side taken it out Friday, better quality then the other sail we bought though someone else I will be buying from you now on customer service is great
Niagra 35 Main and Genoa - June 5, 2017
5 stars
Hi Judy and staff,
Thank you very much for building the bast sails for Frances Bea! We race and everybody noticed how well our Niagara 30 'raceboat' went to weather! We were impressed with the attention given to detail to our particular needs. I went with sails (recommended by Judy) that seem to be a perfect fit our use and conditions on the Great Lakes. We also wanted to share how the staff is very professional, knowledgeable and detail drive to our order. Thank you very much for all your help. I wouldn't hesitate to order sails again from this company.
Eric Maillette, Bay City, MI, USA
Spinnaker Turtle, May 21, 2017
5 stars
The season is about to start so haven't yet used this on deck but it looks rather well made and likely perfect fit for purpose- easy launch of the spinnaker and snuffer. So I'm feeling optimistic... More later when I have real experience
Justin, Boston, MA, USA
Quality, affordable Mainsail - Cal 30 Mainsail - May 02, 2017
4 stars
Ordering my new mainsail was a painless and efficient process! The online quote form was easy to use and allowed me to quickly see price adjustments as features were added / deleted. I plan to use Hyde Sails Direct for my furling headsail purchase next year - I am very interested in the Hyde mainsail pack system, but have so far been unable to obtain a quote....
Robert Joyner, Augusta GA, USA
CDI FF2 - April 23, 2017
5 stars
Pleasure working with you
Brian Josefowski, Oceanside, CA, USA
Selden Bow Sprit - April 09, 2017
5 stars
The buying process is very satisfied. All questions on the acquisition were resolved promptly and professionally. Many thanks and best wishes!
Sergey Guryanov, Moscow, Russia
Great Purchasing Experience - Catalina 22 Mainsail and Cruising Code Zero- Feb 20, 2017
5 stars
This was my first time buying sails, so I had a lot to learn. And it'll be another couple months before we get to use them. But I can't say enough about how good Hyde Sails Direct was to work with. When I called, Judy often picked up the phone herself; she's friendly, she listened to my questions, and offered great advice. She helped me think through different genoa sizes, sail combinations, and fabric choices. For a C-22, we're not buying $5k sails, so HSD can't be making much much money on us. But Judy and crew always took extra time to help us. Many people recommend buying through a local loft for the personal attention. But I felt like we got plenty of personal attention from Judy. Buying through HSD means that I had to do the measuring myself. But that meant I didn't have to trailer the boat somewhere for a saleperson to do it. Everything arrived promptly; the workmanship looks great, and they even offered a discount for buying 2 sails. Highly recommended.
Aaron Dunlop, Newberg, OR, USA
O'Day 25 Mainsail - Sail Review - Feb 20, 2017
5 stars
Very pleased with sail. It was exceptionally well made with reinforcements, etc. Hyde included add on spreader chafe sheets permitting you to put them exactly where your spreaders will touch the sail. The measurement info requested when you place the order insures a good fitting sail. Will do business wth Hyde again.
Peter Regan, Belle Harbor, NY USA
Macgregor 26M Mainsail - February 19, 2017
5 stars
The quality of the mainsail is excellent, as was the delivery.
Phil M, Saskatoon, SK, CANADA
Neptune 24 Furling Genoa, December 19 2016
5 stars
Very helpful and knowledgeable staff. I was very happy with the quality and super fast shipping. It arrived a week ahead of time!
Gary Heard, Grand Junction CO, USA
1979 Hunter 30 SD Cruising Mainsail and Genoa #1, December 18, 2016
5 stars
We just got the sails out of bags yesterday and put them on the boat. They fit properly and look great except the sail #'s M/S were not on them. Other than that Judy and David did a great job Thank you Montie and Sandee
Montie & Sandee, Fla Key, FL, Jersey, USA
ODay 25 Love my new Hyde Sails - October 29, 2016
5 stars
Love my new Hyde Sails from Judy B at Hyde Sails Direct. I tried a low cost sail from another online seller for a year. It was cut wrong and had cheap hardware. 11 sail slugs instead of the 15 on the HS sail. The top quality and high end components on the Hyde Sail for the price was amazing. You can read my full story of buying these sails here: My story about buying new sails
Ward Hutton, New Jersey, USA
Potter 19 Mainsail, October 29, 2016
5 stars
Great product and your customer service rep. (Judy) was very helpful. Thanks!
Daniel B, Oceanside, CA, USA
Catalina 28 Mk2 - 135% Genoa - Sept 30, 2016
5 stars
The support and service I received was great. All questions were answered and many things were explained to help with the selection process.. The sail construction is excellent. So far through half the season the performance has been just as promised. The only down side is the less than expected quality of the telltales. They frequently stick to the stitching and don't provide adequate information.
Kemp A Knapman, Anchorage, AL, USA
Sunfish Sail -September 10, 2016
Thrilled with my purchase. I've gotten lots of "love your sail" comments here on the lake. The purchase process was easy and the sail arrived in just a few days. I would recommend you guys without hesitation..
Andy H, Columbia CT, USA
Sabre 28 - Cruising Genoa -- Great Sails - August 29, 2016
5 stars
Genoa cut perfectly for my boat. Attention to detail was impressive, including the double-flapped and velcro'd foot and leach line protectors. Highly recommend.
Eli Blumenthal, Bedminster, NJ, USA
Sabre 28 - Cruising Mainsail -- Great Attention to Detail - August 29, 2016
5 stars
Very impressed with this sail. Fits rig perfectly, leach line adjustment at each reefing point (which I have never seen before. Nice touch!) Slugs very securely webbed to the sail. Highly recommend!
Eli Blumenthal, Bedminster, NJ, USA
Cal 29 - Cruising Genoa -- flawless purchase process! - August 15, 2016
5 stars
From start to finish, I enjoyed a perfect ordering experience with HydeSails Direct. Judy and David provided excellent instructions and tools, allowing me to accurately measure my boat's rig dimensions and furling hardware for their designer to review. I was initially skeptical that an online purchase would yield anything better than a 'budget solution', however HydeSails Direct's process is a perfect hybrid of self-guided ordering and semi-custom loft support. I will definitely be ordering my next sail through HydeSails Direct.
David Carey, Seattle, WA, USA
Islander 36 - Offshore Genoa - August 4, 2016
5 stars
Working with Judy was great! I was very particular about my luff and clew heights, but I wasn't sure about my LP. I called Judy a lot during the measuring and ordering process and she was always eager to talk and generous with her time. They listened to what I wanted and delivered a perfect head sail.
Michael Thoman, Long Beach, CA, USA
Islander 36 - Offshore Mainsail - August 4, 2016
5 stars
I ordered an offshore main with three reefs and couldn't be happier with it. Working with Judy was great and Hyde made a very nice sail. The quality of my Hyde dacron sails is among the best I have seen at any price point..
Michael Thoman, Long Beach, CA, USA
Better than thought - July 24, 2016
5 stars
a Quality sail arrived about seven days earlier than expected
Danny, Hughson CA, USA
ODay 192 - Just what I wanted - July 19, 2016
5 stars
My mainsail arrived with no boat in the water. I laid it out in the back yard to check it, but it was about to rain. Whoops! I noted that all areas of the sail looked well and properly constructed to spec. I laid it out later under the OEM Neil Pryde sail, and it matched perfectly. Finally got the boat in the water, though the rig wasn't tuned very well. First sail it was obvious that the sail was considerably faster than the old main, and the boat felt lively and accelerated noticeably in puffs. Hoping to get some time to sail with a better tuned rig soon, and I expect to continue to be impressed.
Brian Scarborough, Souderton, PA United States
Precision 23 - Main Sail - July 15, 2016
5 stars
I purchased a new mainsail for my Precision 23 from Judy B Sails (Hyde Sails) in June 2016. They were very helpful in making sure that I got the best sail to meet my specific needs and they took time and care to ensure that it was the proper fit for my boat. The sail was delivered in less than the estimated time and arrived in great condition. It was well packaged. I replaced the OEM mainsail and this new sail exceeded the original sail in terms of quality.
Anonymous, New Braunfels, TX, USA
Sunfish sail - July 14, 2016
5 stars
Sunfish sail is awesome. Came in a small package, easy to unfold and attach. Looks amazing on the water
Joe, PA, USA
Catalina 27 CDI FF6 Furler - July 09, 2016
5 stars
Judy, thanks for the advice and help in purchasing the cdi ff6. It shipped and arrived as advertised. The install went OK, but the instructions were not that detailed for this specific model. The YouTube video for installation was for the FF2, which is a much "different animal". Luckily there are quite a few similar furlers in my marina to compare to. I'm installing my sail in a few days, I'll send a pic when complete.
Dan Oiver, Long Beach, CA
Schock 35 - Asymmetrical Spinnaker, Bowsprit, and GX15 Furling system - July 09, 2016
5 stars
I like to thank Judy for the great help provided to me for choosing the equipment and purchasing the proper spinnaker and furling system, everything works properly and it fits the boat. Great sail best price, 35% to 50% lower then all the other manufactures.
John Ferrieri, Federal Way, WA, USA
Precision 185 Tri-Radial Warp Drive Mainsail July 9, 2016
5 stars
I suppose there are cheaper sails; but don't know of any of better value. Just finished my first race with the new Hyde main and beat a long time sparring partner by over 100m. Workmanship on the sail matches or beats anything I've seen from even the big name sail makers. I fully expect my next sail will be Hydel.
Steve Hancock, Texas, USA
Great Sails - Olson 30 Tri-radial CDX Mainsail and Genoa - July 3, 2016
5 stars
From the initial contact with David and Judy I had a great experience ordering sails from Hyde Sails direct. They were super responsive, gave me all the reassurance I needed that the sails would fit and were always ready to answer my questions. Thanks for the great set of sails!
Nicolas Sallenbien, Sunnyvale, CA, USA
Asymmetric Spinnaker - Standard Size May 11, 2016
5 stars
Very fast delivery and a perfect fit! I received my spinnaker within 2 to 3 weeks from the time I placed my order. I chose Hyde Sails Direct because I was able to custom color my spinnaker. The quality is very good and the service was great. I would highly recommend Hyde Sails Direct
Robert Glass, Farmington, MN, USA
Hyde 26M Mainsail - April 28, 2016
5 stars
Just raised my new main yesterday on the hard and it was beautiful... If fit perfectly and I cannot wait to see how it works on water. I expect that the performance will greatly exceed that of my stock main. Great Job Judy and company.
David Thiesmeyert, Westland, MI, USA
Great Product, great price - Selden Bowsprit Kit - April 22, 2016
5 stars
HydeSailsDirect had the best price on my Selden sprit kit, delivered quickly, and the sprit itself is awesome. Sturdy, well-made and easy to install. No more sending 5 bodies forward to dip-pole jibe!
Mark Janda, Bloomington, MN, USA
Jeanneau 39 - Performance Mainsail - April 18, 2016
5 stars
David and Judy,
We have been out four times with the new sail
Quality of sail-excellent
Design. fit and shape-excellent
Performance Improvement-excellent

Its happy time!

Seriously, I am very impressed with the quality and design of the Hyde Sail. My wife who used to own clothing stores said that the stitching was very high quality.When we first hoisted the sail in our slip, I thought the batten overlap with the backstays might be a problem but even in light wind, there is enough sail curvature so the sail slips right past the backstay. The performance improvement from the extra roach is significant.

Doug S, Puget Sound, WA, USA
Cal 28 MK2 - Cruising Genoa #1 - March 28, 2016
5 stars
Judy and Dave are are very customer orientated people. Their concern for the customer getting just the right sail for their needs is excellent. Their customer service after the sale is as good as one could ask for. The sail looks and sails great. I have had several local sailors comment on what a good looking sail it is. I am glad I choose them as my sail maker.
Mike Wingard, Gulf Coast of Alabama, USA
Off-Shore Sails for a Morgan 36 - March 27, 2016
5 stars
Hi. I would like to thank David & Judy for their invaluable assistance in selecting the proper sails. Whether you're a novice or an experienced sailor, trust these professionals to deliver exactly what is needed.
Dave from Pensacola, FL, USA
Our Sail Locker is Complete - Catalina 22 Genoa - March 18, 2016
5 stars
Judy and David, Thank you so much for the excellent Genoa I just received. My wife is as excited as I am with the design and cut of our new head sail. Coupled with the main we purchased from you guys last year we now feel that our sail locker is complete! Thanks again.
Lane Bush, from Bainbridge, GA, USA
Very happy with my Spinnaker - Hunter 235 - Mar 6, 2016
5 stars
Hi David and Judy, So I am very happy the symmetric spinnaker I got last fall. Together with my new pole and a little sweat installing all the new rigging, my Hunter 235 feels good, though I am still waiting for a good storm so see if I can plane her (I added a backstay to do just that....). I still owe you pixs. Honestly I do not have good ones yet. My birthday gift to myself this year is a new mainsail, and I'd like to keep working with you folks! Best regards and thanks, Eric
Eric Feron, from Atlanta, GA, USA
Sail fits my furler like a glove - Nov 11, 2015
5 stars
I am very happy with the quality of my genoa. It is very easy to feed into my Schaefer CF 700 system. I am very glad that I found Judy B. She is very knowledgeable and very familiar with both my furling system and sailing vessel. Thanks again.
Ray, from Key West, FL, USA
Superb Service and Product - Catalina 22 Mainsail - Oct 20, 2015
5 stars
Can't say enough about Hyde and crew. I will buy every sail from them in the future.
Lane Bush, from Bainbrige, GA, USA
Mainsail for Montgomery 17 - Oct 19, 2015
5 stars
Working with Judy and her husband on this order was about as smooth as ordering a sail that will be made in the Orient and then shipped back can be. The first go required some alteration to the roach but Judy handled it well and assured me right off the bat that everything would be taken care of. She is true to her word. She reimbursed me shipping to return the mainsail for alteration and then decided that since the battens for the sail were too stiff went ahead and made me a whole new set. also free. I truly believe the most important thing to her is satisfying her customers. Thank you, Judy.
Thomas Buzzi, from Rockport, TX, USA
Hyde RF Genoa - October 6, 2015
5 stars
I am totally satisfied with my new sail. The quality and looks are fantastic. The increase in performance and ease of handling were also a plus. I have found my source for all new sails.
David Thiesmeyer, from Lake Erie Metro Park, MI, United States
Endeavor 32, Furling Jib - Good Sail, but slow customer service - October 4, 2015
4 stars
I ordered a new headsail, it was a little tough to get all the required boat measurements in triple-digit heat. When I did finally send them in I didn't hear anything for some weeks which concerned me. Eventually things seemed to click into gear at Judy B and I got a status report on the phone. Fortunately the sail arrived as advertised, it fits perfectly and is very good quality. Now my boat sails like it is supposed to!
Anonymous, Austin, Texas, USA

We sincerely apologize for
being slow to respond to your email and for worrying you. Even though we delivered the sail within the promised time frame of 4-6 weeks, we clearly missed our goal of excellence and responsive customer service. We have reviewed how we handled our communications after we get measurements from customers, and have made changes to address this issue. Thank you for the balanced review, and for including your compliments about the quality and performance of the sail. Judy B, 925 208 1692
Mainsail, C&C 27 - August 19, 2015
5 stars
The sail was delivered sooner than expected and fitted perfectly.I was very pleased with the results and working with Judy.
Tom, from Chaumont Bay, NY, USA
Albin Vega 27 211R Mainsail - Awesome Job! - August 15, 2015
5 stars
I purchased my Vega 5 years ago and moved on as a live aboard. The mainsail at that time was rather weathered and I kept saying "one day". This summer one day came and after doing a thorough search on the internet and my local cruising buddies. I chose Hydesailsdirect and Judy B. Their website is an industry standard! Actually one of only two I found with the information as readily available but the other is not polished to such and awesome degree. The mainsail arrived 19 days after I returned the measurement form. Everything went as expected. The sail looks great and will be such an improvement over my old rag. A lengthy blog post of the whole process is available at http://svgeminidreams.blogspot.com/2015/07/recent-sail-quotes-albin-vega-27.html Thanks Judy B and Crew! I will be back soon for a 211R genoa. Awesome job! I am already putting the bug in the ears of friends for when they need a new sail. Wes
Wesley Wines, from St Petersburg, FL USA
Hyde Sails Direct Fan - August 06, 2015
5 stars
This is the second furling headsail I've ordered from Judy. Works great, looks great, great price, and great customer service. Don't know why anyone would order from someone else.
Kjeld Molvig, from San Francisco CA USA
Nice sail. Good value - July 20, 2015
5 stars
The sail fit well and seems very well made. I've seen improved performance from the loose footed sail vs the original sail.
Anonymous from North, VA USA
Selden GX Top Down Furler Makes Sailing Fun - July 17, 2015
5 stars
My new GX-15 top down furler makes light wind sailing truly enjoyable. Deploying it is as easy as setting the jib. With the ATS (Adjustable Tack Swivel) we can run from about 50 deg up wind to 130 deg down wind.
Thomas Booth from Vlapaiso, IN USA
Selden Bow Spritdoes more for Asymm Fun - July 17, 2015
5 stars
The installation was easy on our Hunter 426, it only took a couple of hours. I set up the Sprit with 2 tack lines for use with the GX-15 Furler and ATS (Adjustable Tack Swivel) the first tack line is tied to the lower half of the ATS and ran thru a block with choker around the sprit the upper half of the ATS is setup with a short piece of Dyneema and snap shackle to the Asym tack this setup allows us to run from about 50 deg up wind to 130 deg down wind. The second tack line is used for running deeper down wind, once we are running 120 to 130 down wind with the ATS, we attach the second tack line which runs thru the bow sprit, take up the tension on the second tack line and release the first tack line and the Asym tack is now free of the furler so the second tack can can be eased out and Asym can move out in front of the boat, with this method we can run almost dead down wind. I would highly recommend these products for anyone that likes flying an Asym
Thomas Booth from Vlapaiso, IN USA

New Club Racing Mainsail for Precision 28 - July 7, 2015

In a word - excellent. The quality and workmanship are first class, with nice deep batten pockets and reefing rings on both sides of the sail making the attachment to the boom hooks very easy, particularly in heavy air. Delivery was on time, and communications between Judy B Sails and me were very good. We are working on finding the "sweet spots" for sail and rigging trim, but were able to top 7.3 knots for the first time, flying this new sail during a recent Regatta. This sail is a great value for those who cruise or participate in club races
Peter Macler, Canyon Lakes, TX, USA

Great Workmanship & excellent sail - June 18, 2015

For my Potter 19, Judy crafted a replacement mainsail. It was a work of art!! Excellent workmanship & quick turnaround.
T.D. Owens, Durham, NC USA

Purchase of New 150% Genoa -Catalina 30 Tall Rig - May 10, 2015

My purchase of a new 150% Hyde Genoa from Judy B was a very pleasant experience. The website and email communications were clear, and also a phone conversation with Judy helping me choose the clew height. I am very pleased with the sail, it is well constructed and fits perfectly!
Robert Bossoli, Havre de Grace, MD USA

JudyB 26M Sail - May 5, 2015

Communication with Judy B Sails was very good. I think his name was Dave who helped me out. Sail arrived earlier than I anticipated. It looks to be of very good quality and was a perfect match replacement. Its on my mac. Just waiting for the weather here in ohio to get better to fly it. There is no comparison to stock sail as far as quality goes. Stock sail is barely enough.
John Erwin, Newcomerstpm, OH USA

Custom order for classic plastic (Islander 32) - April 29, 2015

I've worked with a lot of sailmakers and would enthusiastically commend JudyB. My last order was for a mid-sixties Islander with a non-standard mast. While other lofts seemed uninterested, Judy worked tirelessly with us throughout the process to see that our sails were made and would fit our rig. Thanks Judy!
Scott McClintock, Gilbert, AZ USA

New Sails for Catalina 27 - April 16, 2015

Working with Judy B Sails was a delight. Judy's knowledge of my boat was very helpful and her ability to suggest the right sails for my type of sailing also reassuring. The instructions for measuring the boat were easy to follow and I was able to do all of this electronically. The most important thing was the result. When the new sails arrived the quality and workmanship blew my socks off! More importantly, they fit perfectly and the performance has been stunning. There's no doubt in my mind that I would return here if I ever need help again and I would wholeheartedly recommend Judy to anyone looking for a great balance of price and quality.
Gary A. Gariele from Key Largo, FL USA

Customer for Life - April 7, 2015

Judy was extremely helpful getting me what I wanted and what I needed with lots of free helpful advice. Exceeded my expectations on quality and service with everything arriving correct and on time as promised. I highly recommend Judy and Hyde sails to my family and anyone in the sailing community and will continue to purchase from her if this set ever wears out. Thanks again Judy!.
Bob Kostelnik from Mobile, Whitehorse, YT Canada

New Main Sail - April 3, 2015

I was first attracted to Hyde Sails because of their good reputation for so many years. I decided to buy my new main sail from Judy B after talking with Judy. She is very enjoyable to work with and really knows her stuff. She worked closely with me on my sail measurements, Requesting photos as well as measurements and taking time to actually call me on the phone for clarification of the photos and measurements. My beautiful sail fit my rig perfectly.Yes, I will order my next sail from Dr. Judy and Hyde sails.
Gene. O'day 27 "Miss Izzy" from Bremerton, WA United States

Could not be happier! - April 1, 2015

New main sail is better than expected, and with personalized advice from Judy was a great buying experience.
Lonnie Wood from Coos Bay, OR United States

Great Support - March 31, 2015
5 stars
Had great support when the manufacturer dimension information was incorrect. JudyB helped resolve the issue and provide alternative work-arounds.
Dan Rees from Seattle, WA United States
Recommended - March 30, 2015
5 stars
With the myriad of online companies to choose from, it can be hard to figure out who to choose. I base my recommendation on 3 things...Price, delivery and communication. Judy B Sails gets 5 stars on all three! I would recommend them to all my sailing friends...Thanks Judy!
John F from Fort Myers Beach, FL United States
Jib Replacement - March 28, 2015
5 stars
We got our new CDI furler jib for our WWP 15 from Judy last fall. Judy was very helpful with our order and spotted that our old jib was a genoa. She went over the details for our new sail, making sure everything was correct before ordering it. When it came it fitted perfectly (and the boat sailed waaay better too!)
Nicholas Doyle from Kennewick, WA United United States
Great, personalized customer service - March 27, 2015
5 stars
I needed a specialty dinghy sail couldn't find it anywhere at US sellers and almost resigned to order it abroad at a steep up charge, when I found Judy. She took on my 'project' and made sure I got the main sail (made in the Philippines) at a competitive price. And provided after-sale service, sending a better Velcro tape, when the one provided with the sail did not work well for me. Great service, good price. Can't ask for more.
M from New Rochelle, NY United States
Selden GX10 Furler - March 24, 2015
5 stars
I recently purchased a Selden GX10 Furler from Judy B for our Capri 30. My overall experience in dealing with her was great. She offered by far the best price for the kit and she also provided all of the necessary accessories to go with it. Whenever you can talk to the owner of a business who is willing to take her time to give me advice and suggestions, it goes a long way.
Stephen Reed from Mobile, AL United States
Custom Sail and Graphics made to perfection - March 23, 2015
5 stars
I contacted Judy B Sails to see if they could take my company logo and put in on a Sunfish Sail. Sacrilege, I'm sure, but hey... I'm a company man, and proud of where I work. They reviewed my request, sent me an estimate I thought was fair, and I turned them loose. They contacted me a couple of times with questions and alternate suggestions, and after we agreed on the revisions, they returned the custom sail to me exactly as we discussed. It is perfect in every way. I recommend Judy B Sails and their craftsmen wholeheartedly.
Rick Oberhofer from Geneseo, NY United States
26M Jib and Main - March 22, 2015
5 stars
I just recently purchased a new set of Hyde sails from Judy. The process was a great experience where Judy offered a tremendous amount of knowledge and advice. I am a picky buyer and she always found the time and patience to explain the advantages and disadvantages of various set ups, options and materials. She provided updates regarding the order status and ETA. The pricing was competitive and the service first class! I went with a set of tri-radial sails made of the Challenge Warp-Drive Dacron. The sails arrived in 4 weeks and look fabulous. The workmanship is great and the fit and finish professional. Definite upgrade from the stock sails. Unfortunately it is still winter up here in Canada and I have not had a chance to try them out.
David Levicek from Cochrane, AB Canada
Potter 15 Lapper - March 20, 2015
5 stars
I purchased a new Lapper sail for my 1978 Potter 15. Judy gave me excellent service with fast delivery and a superior product. Everything about the sail is professional and top-notch - right down to the included sail tie and sail bag. It has made a big difference for my Potter in light to moderate breeze. I am completely satisfied!
Mark Hansen from Manchester, IA United States
Sunfish pirate sale - March 20, 2015
5 stars
Quality of product was very good. Service and product knowledge was excellent both online and on the phone. Pricing was competitive. Shipping was very prompt. Overall I was very pleased and would do business with this company again.
David from Sault Ste Marie, MI United States
Excellent Knowledge & great product results - March 23, 2015
5 stars
I selected Judy due to her specific knowledge and experience particularly with smaller trailerable sail boats. As a coastal wilderness enthusiast who likes to single hand into remote locations on the BC coast Judy did a great job in addressing my particular customization requests for the sails. The new sails have been a wonderful addition to my M17... Keith R. Martin Serenity, M17 - Hull #353
Keith R Martin from Vancouver BC
Seaward 23 Mainsail - March 20, 2015
5 stars
We purchased a new main for our Seaward 23 from Judy B in 2014. The price was very reasonable and Judy was delightful while helping us obtain the proper design measurements. Upon receipt of the new sail, I was extremely impressed with the quality of the Hyde sail; as the material, trim, hardware and stitching were much more substantial than I expected! The quality of workmanship was also exceptional! While the sail fit perfectly, we had some difficulty in raising the full batten main sail easily. Judy worked diligently with us to change out a few items including lighter battens, so that we could fine tune the sail. She always responded positively, quickly and went out of her way to make sure we were satisfied. The sail now performs flawlessly and is also beautiful! Given the quality of the Hyde sail, along with the proven support and knowledge provided by Judy B., when we are ready to replace our genoa, she will be hearing from us again!
Bobby Lavisky from Lexington, SC United States
Catalina 36 Mainsail - March 20, 2015
5 stars
Judy Blumhorst and I go way back and she has always been a pretty serious sailing nerd and when she puts her mind to something she really gets into it. We put this particular sail design together over a couple of phone calls and emails since I wanted something better suited for SF Bay than the stock design. Judy is very knowledgeable and her advice was right on. I really could not be more pleased with Judy's service and the entire ordering process and the sail itself. I would recommend her with absolutely no hesitation.
Pete Pillsbury from San Francisco Bay, CA United States
150 furling genoa for Catalina 22 - March, 2015
5 stars
Delivered on time to me at the Havasu pocket cruiser convention. Very nice sail, very well cut, good quality. Highly reccoment them for the price of the sail you couldn't ask more.
Dennis Lynde from Mesa, AZ United States
Islander 32 Main and Genoa - March, 2015
5 stars
We picked up the sails last Tuesday. Friday we took them to the local baseball field and laid out the two Jibs & the main. There is not a lot of grass in Green Valley. We had to share the outfield with a girls softball team. The coach gave us the OK to use a part of left field saying, "don't worry these 14 years olds won't hit a ball that far". What fun to see the product of your and Scott's efforts. We can't wait to hank them on the Islander and even better to see them perform. We did find the extra sail ties and Hyde Ball Caps. Thx for these. It was a pleasure doing business with you and for your prompt personal response to our inquiries. Scott and I determined very quickly of the four companies initially contacted Hyde Sails would be our choice for the order. Peter
Peter Burgard from Green Valley, AZ United States
New Sails - Feb 2015
5 stars
I order sails last year and was very happy with the service. I need some modifications to the sail I was replacing. I shipped the old sail to Judy and told her what I was looking for. She did the rest and everything worked perfectly. The sails arrived in a timely manner and fit the first time....even with my rudimentary instructions. I have no hesitation in recommending them to any one who asks.
David Aitken from Cranbrook BC
Customer Service - Second to None ! - Feb 2015
5 stars
I wanted to purchase a Selden GX 7.5 Top Down Furler for an Asym Sail. Judy B Sails had one of the best prices. I submitting a request for information and was contacted directly by Judy. Judy asked various questions and really knew the product. She used the same system on her boat. Was able to answer many questions and address some of my concerns. After purchasing, she contacted me to ensure it was right and to ensure it fit the boat correctly. We discussed a new product that Selden was introducing later that year that would enhance the system even further. I sailed the Furler and loved it. Judy emailed to inform me the new product was available, I instantly purchased. Wish I could purchase everything through Judy. We shared techniques for using the system and she gave me a few ideas I never considered. She made this experience something special. I almost feel like she's a friend of the family. I live in the Midwest but Judy B Sails is my go to Sail Store.
Kip Deeter from Lees Summit, (Lake Jacomo) MO United States
I've had many new sails in my 50+ years of sailing - Feb 2015
5 stars
I ordered my P19 sails from Judy B. some time in December, 2014. Since this was a phone order, Judy was very patient in helping me choose what I needed and for a good price. Because Hyde sails was closing for the Holiday season Judy told me that the sails wouldn't arrive at my house until late January/early February. That they did! Communications from the factory during January was a comfort in dealing with my anticipation of this important purchase. It was several weeks until I was able to raise the sails on the boat in my driveway, but they are BEAUTIFUL!! The quality of workmanship is second to none (I've had many new sails over my 50+ years of sailing), and their shape looks to be excellent. Though I'm only a weekend sailor, I still expect performance, durability, and quality of workmanship as I still do some racing. I believe Hyde sails fits my needs outstandingly. As some may know, I'm a real Potter fan and now a Hyde Sails fan as well. Thanks Judy B for all of your support! Bruce McDevitt
Bruce McDevitt from Colfax, CA United States
Bowsprit - Feb 2015
5 stars
Have a hunter 34, ordered a bowsprit for the spin. Great price, quick delivery, thanks,
from TX United States United States
There is none better - Feb 2015
5 stars
The most difficult thing about this review is keeping it short and sweet cause I could go on at great length about Judy and her service. I have ordered multiple times from Judy and each time I get great customer service BUT I also get a free education!. Judy is wicked smart about sails and sailing and is willing to share which means I get smarter because of her. Oh yes, the education is included in the price of the sails is a hellva a bargin. I find my self looking for issues with the sails so I can order some more but the product is so good that the only time I can order is when I want anoth type of sail. My next purchase is for a 150% and I know I will love the process and the product. If you want a cheap sail - lots of places and horror stories to go with them. If you want a quality product from a super gal - call Judy! What are you waiting for???
Keith Bennett from Aurora, CO United States
Tanbark lug sail - Feb 2015
5 stars
I'm really pleased with the sail that was made for me. When I go sailing I always get lots of positive comments on my boat and sail. It's a beautiful and well made sail. Thanks Judy
Shelby Craghead from riverside, CA United States
WWP19 - Feb 2015
5 stars
I bought a complete set of sails including a Code Zero. Working with Judy was a pleasure. She knows sailing and was able to help me fine tune my order to just what I needed. The sails quality and fit was perfect.
William Fischer from Magnolia, TX United States
West Wight Potter sails - Feb 2015
5 stars
I've bought sails from Judy B on two occasions - a jib and a mainsail for my P-15 WWP. Both were delivered as ordered and work great. They should be standard equipment on every WWP! Thanks for the great customer service and all the advice you've given the Potter community over the years.
Curtis Fitzgerald from Escondido, CA United States
Cape Dory Typhoon - Feb 2015
5 stars
I seem to have become a collector of "Plastic Classics" 60s 70s and 80s sailboats. Often finding well made and fitting sails can be difficult. Judy has always gone out of her way to make sure that I got what I wanted. Likewise the quality of Hyde sails along with the fair pricing cannot be beat.
Tim Derry from Potter Valley, CAUnited States
Thank you for the wonderful service - Feb 2015
5 stars
Dear Judy, I received the Selden CX10 continuous line curler with line and cleat Monday morning in via USPS and would like to thank you for good service and for what looks to be high quality gear that I can’t wait to use on my 23’ catamaran reacher. I saw an ad for your business on the SailNet forum. From your web site's detailed information and easy search capabilities, I was able to determine the correct equipment and order with no difficulties. That evening you telephoned me to make sure I had the right gear for the application before committing to ordering the part for me from Selden, and I really appreciated talking with you because you offered knowledge and attention to my needs. I have full confidence that in future, I could order through you and obtain a good price and very kind, friendly and knowledgeable attention. It really didn’t take too long for the parts to arrive, either, and USPS was the right call for shipping. Thanks, Judy. Yours Sincerely, Geoffrey Lyford
Geoffrey Lyford from Calgary AB Canada
1986 MacGregor 25 Mainsail - Feb 2015
5 stars
Best investment I could have made. Judy was extremely helpful, taking calls at all hours to guide me through the process. Even when I had a batten issue (that was the skipper's fault!) Judy graciously walked me through it. Customer service with Judy second to none. The sail itself is amazing. For a pittance I have great sail shape, control, and power that my old 1986 hasn't had in some time! My 2014 season was made a whole lot better. As much as a MacGregor can have performance, I've got it now. Looking forward to spring to have it out again! Thanks, Judy!
Frank Marnell from Pierre, SD United States
Satisfaction 100% - Feb 2015
5 stars
I bought a Selden GX-10 top-down furler from Sao Paulo, Brasil, and less than 5 days later my sister received the package, just as I was expecting. Prety easy to buy from Judy B Sails. I recomend to anyone who needs a reliable dealer !
Marcelo Pagnocca from Sao Paulo, Brasil
Smiling service for a sale of a sail - Feb 2015
5 stars
Had me at 'Judy, how can I help you?' Begins a professional sale of a new mainsail for our restored 1989 WWP 15. We in PA, she is in CA, were we talking across the counter? Judy helped:asking critical questions, offering recommendations, and keeping attention to shipping dates and location. Each date marker email. Shipping: another contact; after my call, a change in shipping date, no problem! New sail on its exact date, packed from the Philippines. No missing parts, in fact included (surprise) is a great sail bag. Before shipping data is emailed, David sent two well written information packets, 1.) Hyde Sails Care, 2.) 'The Secret of the Extra Half Knot', about mast tuning, trimming mainsail, trimming headsails, downwind sailing, and sail care. An enjoyable patronage...professional, purposeful attention to details, and supportive throughout. Surely qualities of an client-based operation. We shall continue this patronage.
Piper Murphey from Lancaster, PA United States
Mainsail for Mac 26X - Feb 2015
5 stars
Met Judy B at Lake Havasu AZ. She ordered a new heavier main for our boat and it works great! Delivery was right on time. Price was very good. Judy will be the first person I contact for future sails. A pleasure to do business with.
Ron R from Kansas United States
Nice mid grade sails - Feb 2015
5 stars
I bought a set of coastal cruising sails for my 26 M MacGregor. Everything fit well right off. Good shape, nice materials except no chafe protection on the mainsail slide shackles. Small gripe. Boat number and logo looked great. Big improvement over stock sails for this make of boat. I would recommend this loft for replacement sails for all of the small production boats like mine. Ix
Ixneigh from Key largo, FL United States
Full sets of sails - Feb 2015
5 stars
Needed a new set of sails for Macgregor 26X Full batten main, Genoa as well as asymmetric Spinnaker Ordering process was easy, wait time short. Using sails for 2 seasons and very happy
Jacek Paszkowiak from Waynesboro, VA

A great purchasing experience - Feb 2015
5 stars
Judy, Thank you so much for your kindness and patience. This has truly been a great purchasing experience for me. I will be flying the new sail along the Pensacola Gulf Coast with about 50 other sailboats in mid-May. I'll be sure and mention you to everyone I can. I will certainly be sending pictures.

I contacted Judy B Sails by e-mail in January of 2014. I pleasently suprised when Judy called me for specific information on the particular sail I wanted. After several calls, e-mails, and completed measurements, she was extremely helpful in deciding what I needed. This was a very pleasant and informative experience for me. Judy B is great!
Terry Green from Homer LA United States

Sail-Sales and Service - Feb 2015
5 stars
Last fall I purchased my second sail for my West Wight Potter 19 from Judy B Sails. I could not be more pleased with both of these sails and the service she provided through the ordering and shipping of said sails. Judy's knowledge of the Potter combined with her attention to detail and commitment to "getting it right" was refreshing. The fit and finish of the Hyde main and working jib was excellent. Her recommendations for the configuration of the main were right on. Both orders were expedited in a timely fashion as was delivery. When I need another sail, I will not hesitate to give Judy a call. Having purchased a fair number of sails throughout my 35 plus years of sailing and racing, no one has done it better.
Donald Thwing from East Tawas, MI United States
Great sail - Feb 2015
5 stars
I received a very well made sail for a compact suncat that I used to own. It was well finished and fit the vessel well and at an excellent price. I would not hesitate to order another sail from Judy.
Bert W. Felton from Oakland, CA United States
Top Notch
5 stars
Judy, Finally got my hands on the new sails. They look spectacular! The material and craftsmanship are top notch. Can't wait to try them - 2 more months. I'll let you know how the compare to the stock ones - I think you already know... They look much more solid and firmer - ready for more wind. Thank you again for your help!
David L from Cochrane, Alberta, Canada
Love my sail! - 2015
5 stars
I ordered a mainsail for my 1986 Sanibel 17. These boats had some mods during their production years and 1986-1987 some changes were made that can make it tricky to get the proper main for the boat. With Judy's wealth of knowledge, she was able to fit a sail perfectly, including a copy of the 1986 sail logo. The sail works great and looks amazing. I don't see how the quality, or experience could be any better. Thanks Judy.
Mike Bessette from Houlton, WI United States